Under Control

by Nikolai Khalezin

Belarus Free Theatre and Nottingham Playhouse

“Suppose I confessed everything to you back then.
You would have sent me to hell and we wouldn’t have had all these years together.
See? Our whole lives would have been completely different…”xx

In a society where every aspect of your life is under control, “Champion” is a journalist attempting to sift the truth from the propaganda.  A task he’s given himself since his youth.  A poignant story of one man’s life: fighting for the dignity of being free.xx

Based on experiences in his native homeland of Belarus, Nikolai Khalezin has written this powerful exposé of a normal man’s struggles to live in an abnormal world.xx

October 2008, rehearsed reading at the Nottingham Playhousexx

Cast: Robin Bowerman, Sharon Gatherer and Robin Johnson