Ariadne is a global collective of women making social and political theatre to inspire change. We work with and connect women theatremakers stimulating political change in challenged societies, in order to avoid a repetition of the past. We cultivate hope by sharing our experiences, providing others with the tools to build on our practice and we create collaborative projects, amplifying our work and reaching diverse global audiences.

Led by Susannah Tresilian @stresilian in association with @inplaceofwar.

This project is supported by Arts Council England.

Susannah Tresilian and Georgie Weedon in Rwanda and Burundi, March 2014

PROJECT ARIADNE was founded in 2014 by theatre director and BBC Radio producer Susannah Tresilian to find women whose work in theatre in conflict zones around the world is changing the society they live in. 

Working as Associates of University of Manchester’s In Place of War Research Institute, and funded by the Arts Council England, the inaugural projects for ARIADNE took place in Burundi and Rwanda where Susannah went with filmmaker Georgie Weedon. Through in-depth interviews and valuable time spent working alongside with them in the field, two profile films have been made giving deep insight into the exceptional work of Frédérique LeCômte (in Burundi) and Hope Azeda (in Rwanda).

These form the first elements of the living archive of female voices we are creating at our website As the number of women we meet, film and profile grows so will we create a global network where these female theatremakers can influence, share, celebrate and collaborate with each other – expanding into artistic conversations that can be had online, at conferences, at workshops and at festivals.

photo from Burundi(Jean-Claude, Gérard, Susannah, Prosper, Jean Berchmans, Georgie – company members of Théâtre et Réconciliation in Burundi)

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