Previous Productions

Freelance Director

The Endings (Part II), by Sara Pascoe, at Pleasance Theatre in Edinburgh

Clarence Darrow, by David W Rintels, at TeaHouse Theatre, London.

Hopelessly Devoted To You, by German Munoz, at XY Festival at Theatre 503

Golden Fables 2012, by Ian McMillan, at Latitude Festival and SO festival for the Cultural Olympiad

My Mother Medea, by Holger Schober, at the National Theatre of Cyprus

NEAT 11 festival at the Nottingham Playhouse (plays by Anna Yablonskaya, Adrian Krasniqi, David Drábek, Georgi Gospodinov and Neda Radulovic)

The Clouds Go Back Home, by Laura Forti

The Island, adapted by Laura Lomas from the book by Armin Greder

Under Control, by Nikolai Khalezin

Assistant Director with the European Theatre Convention 2008-2009

Polet (Croatian production) / L’Envolée (French production)


Cromedeyre le Vieil

Artistic Director of Envision Theatre 1998-2007

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Zig and More, by Marine Auriol

unENtitled, by Alessandro di Pauli

I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change!, by Jimmy Roberts and Joe Di Pietro

A Crime Against the Lambs, by Carlos Prieto

Phaedre, by Racine

April in Paris, by John Godber

Three Bar Solo, by Ted Moore and Envision Theatre

European Playwright’s Festival (Roland Schimmelpfennig, Yasmina Reza, Sergi Belbel)

The Rise and Fall of Little Voice, by Jim Cartwright

Desire Caught by the Tail, by Pablo Picasso

Intimate Exchanges Vol 1, by Alan Ayckbourn

A Day in the Death of Joe Egg, by Peter Nichols

Festivals Co-Founded and Produced

DoGMA 01, John Thaw Studio, Manchester

Palaver Festival, Contact Theatre, Manchester

European Playwright’s Festival, John Thaw Studio, Manchester

Echo Viva, Rive d’Arcano, Italy


European Collaborations, with Envision Theatre

Hotel Babele (Petit Soleil)

4.48 Psychosis (Servi di Scena)

Il Minotauro (Petit Soleil)