Neat 11 Festival

Associate Director at NEAT 11 festival, at the Nottingham Playhouse

I was in charge of curating the Playhouse etc. programme, and directing five rehearsed readings.

NEAT 11 Playhouse etc.

NEAT 11 Playhouse etc.

Rehearsed Readings, all UK premières, were chosen from the European Theatre Convention Book of Plays.

The Irons
by Anna Yablonskaya (UKRAINE)

A small family, small guest house, small island in the former USSR. Sasha’s collection of ancient irons draws American professor Paul. Two worlds collide catching Paul’s Russian wife between them. A modern story of traditions, drama and age-old promises.

In tribute to Anna Yablonskaya tragically killed in the Moscow Airport bombing on 24 January 2011.

by Arian Krasniqi (KOSOVO)

Ana, a  50 year old woman sentenced to death for killing her former boyfriend has six hours left to live and six very good reasons why she won’t repent.  This sad, poetic play looks at how decisions influence our lives in unexpected ways.

by David Drábek (CZECH REPUBLIC)

A humorous, dark story of three thirty-something ex-university friends who have a hidden passion… for synchronised swimming. Under the cover of darkness, they dance together until one day one of them decides to stay in the water. How is life ever going to be the same when one of your best friends turns into… an otter?

The Apocalypse Comes at 6pm
by Georgi Gospodinov (BULGARIA)

Sometimes the Apocalypse takes place in that long minute when the light has gone but darkness has not fallen, when every muscle is straining to listen… fearful of crossing, or worse, not crossing the breaking point. A story about everyone’s personal Apocalypse.

by Neda Radulovic (SERBIA)

An ironic, burlesque play about the bourgeois conventions of apparently liberated women and men stuck between real life and fantasy.  Happiness propels these lovers, but at what cost when morals come from magazines, and beauty from a cosmetic brand?

See rehearsal photos on Facebook here.

The Playhouse etc. Ensemble:
Rebecca D’Souza, Giles Ford, David Hobbs, Sam Jones,
Tanya Myers and Debra Stewart

Watch David Drábek discuss Aquabelles and see rehearsal photos here (if the video does not at first appear, please refresh the page):

Neat 11 – Playhouse ETC “Aquabelles” by David Drabek (Czech Republic) from etccte on Vimeo.

Playhouse Etc featured in the short film Sky Arts made about the festival:

Or watch me describe the festival – on its last day (if the video does not at first appear, please refresh the page):

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