The Clouds Go Back Home

The Clouds Go Back Home (Le Nuvole Tornano) by Laura Forti

Directed by Susannah Tresilian
Translated from Italian by Enrico Fink
In collaboration with Envision Theatre
July 2010

UK premiere from award-winning Italian playwright Laura FortiThe Clouds Go Back Home tells the story of the tortuous journey towards friendship between an Italian university student, cleaning hotel rooms as a holiday job, and the Albanian sex worker she finds enclosed in one of the rooms.
Each woman demonstrates an instinctive prejudice towards the other that brings them both to a dangerous and challenging conclusion.

Revealing another side to the romanticised view of Italy, this insightful and at times humorous play discusses many of the challenges we must confront in our open-bordered, open-minded Europe.

Performed at Nottingham Playhouse, as part of Summer Readings series.

“Expertly directed by Susannah Tresilian it shows why the piece has such wide acclaim in Europe and hopefully will achieve the same here.” – 

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